Winter and Spring Co-op Classes


Homeschooling with a co-op: Winter and Spring Co-op Classes

Last year we had a wonderful co-op which focused on the senses of the body. It was very in-depth even dissecting a cows eye during our vision lessons. A few families would like to continue this kind of class in the winter and spring of the coming year. So, while I mesh out what I am going to do I will show you what we did and what my possible plans are coming up.

Each week I prepared a lesson plan of sorts and on the lesson plan were the topics and subjects for the week. They included:



The Bible lesson corresponded to out activities for the week. I use the Konos curriculum as a backbone of our studies. It is an excellent book for co-op use.

In the following samples we were studying the topic of hearing.


I would write us the Vocabulary section for each week  and by the end of the year each child had a wonderful vocabulary notebook to look back on. Here is a sample of what I did last year:


I am going to continue this again as my children learned so much just from looking up these words and it seemed very beneficial to them. The other parents in the group also felt that their children learned a lot from this practice.


I would try to have these topics correspond very closely to what we were studying as you can see by this example.


I would also like to continue this but it sure was a lot of work on my part. I may cut this part down a bit and make it more creator friendly.


In this section I would lost either a book to read or a topic to find book about. Somtimes it would be a link to an article to read.


Our state homeschooling office like writing samples and there were members of our co-op that needed work on their writing skills so I always included this section.


I may continue this or I may start doing it every other week instead.


Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about Teaching Language Arts in a Co-op. I do it a bit differently sometimes. This past year I had most of the language arts activities done at home and then reviewed them in class while we did a hands on activity to enforce what we had learned at home.

I believe I will continue to tweak this topic as it seems hard to make work in a co-op setting.


Each week there was a HUGE list of activities to reinforce the topic. These were for the parent to choose from but sometimes the parent thought they had to do them all and sometimes they didn’t have time to do any. Here is a partial sample of what I would include. Again, these are from the Konos curriculum for some of them and the quotes are from those books.


I am definitely doing this differently in the coming year. It was so so much work on my part and not sure is it was used properly by parents and I don’t want it to be a burden to them or to me.


These are a list of the activities that we would be doing in the co-op that week. We met for 3 hours and I pretty much filled that time with hands on stuff as you can see below.


We will be doing this exactly like this again. It was perfect and so glad we did it this way.

Hope this was useful to you 🙂

Quotes and ideas from: KONOS Curriculum Volume 1 by Carole Thaxton and Jessica Hulcy, copyright 1997




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